Dendera - We Must FightPortsmouth’s Dendera come in to the release of their EP “We Must Fight” with a few notable fans in high places. The band’s website shows several celebratory comments from alumni of bands from Taking Dawn to even Carcass, in the case of Taking Dawn, praising them for their impressive performance as support. Pretty good first impressions then.

Dendera are an unashamedly old school sounding band. This is traditional sounding metal, heavily influenced predominantly by Iron Maiden; with their galloping rhythms and hugely high pitched vocals; as well as the likes of The Darkness and “Black Album” Metallica. These guys are certainly not trying to be revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but they most definitely want you to have a good time, and this EP will certainly do that for you.

Firmly rooted in to the classic sounds of the NWOBHM era, “We Must Fight” is full of worship for the legendary output of this period but adds nothing new to the mix either. Therefore, this does sound a bit dated and of the wrong time period. Otherwise there isn’t an awful lot wrong with this EP. The guitar work in particular is pretty stellar with some really catchy riffs and some great sounding leads. These songs should song pretty entertaining in the live scene (especially if the praise they have had is anything to go by). Vocally, there is some inconsistency. Singer Ashley Edison has a very good range and can reach some magnificently high notes, while these sound pretty powerful and commanding, other times they sound very strained and limp.

An imperfect release as “We Must Fight” is,  there are some really fine moments, with some pretty catchy riffs and a sound that is very familiar, is sure as hell going to be fun to see live. Some inconsistencies here and there detract from it however, and this is very much a case of showing their worship rather than trying to add anything new.

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