Deadbeat Echoes - Surge Of Youth/Forces (Single)The new single from UK band Deadbeat Echoes is the first release on the newly formed Louder Than War Records by John Robb (Membranes / Goldblade). The label is dedicated to bringing exclusive songs from brand new bands, as simple as that and to start things off they have unveiled the excellent twin tracks ‘Surge Of Youth/Forces’ from the Cheshire based band.

First thing to note is that the band is very young, still approaching the last of their teen years and that alone brings a feeling of real promise ahead from the two songs that grace the release. Already the band has a firm hold and feel for the garage rock/indie sounds they create and though it is fair to say they have yet to find their unique sound their music already is striking and very satisfying, and evidence that the UK still can produce some rather formidable guitar bands to stir up and ignite the senses

First track, ‘Surge Of Youth’, pounces upon the ear with guitars eager and hungry to stir up trouble, their play incisive and a flurry of scorching melodies and boisterous riffs. The sound is sharp and intrusive but openly welcoming and an invitation to the feast of twisting and hypnotic sounds around them. Coated in a psychedelic shimmering of sonic discord and insistent acidic energy the track though brief is a compulsive listen. Bringing an Arctic Monkeys spice into the garage punk of Thee Exciters and The Sonics with a touch of Oasis which we will forgive them for, it is a track to light up the emotions each and every time.

‘Forces’ is an excellent companion song and the better of the two. It strides with a confidence and feisty energetic spine whilst the guitars of vocalist Jack Fearon and Anthony Waring litter the track with cascades of sonic invention. With the pulsating bass of Mike Newton beckoning the senses further whilst the rhythms of Tom Webster excellently march relentlessly throughout, the track hits the spot directly and surely.  It is one of those songs which as soon as it ends it needs a reprise, the lure to surge along with it again irresistible.

‘Surge Of Youth/Forces’ is a fine release that inspires strong anticipation for a very promising future for Deadbeat Echoes. It can be argued the tracks lack a clear sound which belongs solely to the band but the feeling is that will evolve. The single is fun and very pleasing, just what one asks for in a release.

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