Dead Southern Bishop - Hymns Of Malice And DiscontentOK, I admit that I requested this due to the name, and upon hearing this five track EP I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.  Filth encrusted, primitive blackened sludge from “the backwoods of deepest Georgia”, Dead Southern Bishop have served up a treat that references all of the usual bands and sounds you would expect, with equal love for the likes of Black Sabbath and EyeHateGod, doom is the order of the day.

‘Last Rites’ begins the EP and sets the standard for what is to follow. The slow methodical groove they set out to is definitely one to get the head nodding, and then they throw a key change at you which seems to slow down time itself before Blake Peacocks tortured screams come in. Guitarist Ben Mills is in charge of producing the devastating downtuned noise that dominates ‘Hymns…’ as well as supplying vocals too. The mixture of the two vocal styles works really well and gives the songs an extra depth.

This was a release that impressed from the outset. The EP lasts just over twenty minutes and ‘Bitter’ is the only track that lasts longer than six minutes, and the sparse production really adds to the atmosphere of the songs. Closing track ‘White Trash Queen’ is probably the most accessible of the songs on here, but it still follows the grim pattern of its predecessors. There is an album on the way soon and on this form, it will be well worth hunting down.

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