Dead Cowboy's Sluts - The Hand of DeathThe general consensus is that there’s a lot of good metal coming out of France at the moment, so I was excited to find that Dead Cowboy’s Sluts hail from there. It’s hard however to warm to them initially. Firstly, there’s that name. Is it necessary? Is the apostrophe necessarily even in the right place? All a bit wrong for me. Then there’s the intro which is the sound of a young woman apparently being tortured. Hmmm.

Well, once we hit the tunes at least Dead Cowboy’s Sluts seem to have better judgement. The album features elements of all the best modern metal sounds. Extravagant Joey Jordison (Slipknot) drums fills, ‘Dimebag’ Darryl (Pantera/Damage Plan) grooves and licks, the metalcore aggression and shredding vocals of Black Breath and Hatebreed.

Actually, it’s fun to sit and play spot the influences on this record. Dead Cowboy’s Sluts‘ taste is impeccable and it all fits together well without descending into parody. But, and it’s a big but, as brilliantly played as it is the album lacks any great songs. I have played this album repeatedly and struggle to discern most of the tracks from one another. ‘Skull Crusher’ distinguishes itself with plenty of good time changes and ‘Lusk’ possesses a great ‘plummeting metal’ riff like countrymen Gojira. The rest though I would fail to recognise in an aural suspect line-up.

Dead Cowboy’s Sluts are fantastic musicians in search of some songs to match their musical prowess and breathtaking aggression. I hope they find them…and maybe lose the name.

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