Dawn Of Ashes - Farewell To FleshDawn Of Ashes are a band with an odd musical development to say the very least. Starting off as an industrial/electronica influenced group for their initial releases, they then signed to Metal Blade for their third album which saw them turn in to a Melodic Black Metal act. This new EP, “Farewell To The Flesh” sees Dimmu Borgir like songs alongside a few electronic/drum and bass remixes…makes perfect sense right?

This differing of styles on this EP makes reviewing it quite disjointed as different songs are being judged in entirely different ways to an extent. The first track ‘Farewell To The Flesh’ is the one true Melodic Black Metal sounding song, sounding very much of the Dimmu Borgir mould sonically and vocally with high pitched shrills, coupled with an unsurprising industrial element like Fear Factory, such as in the occasional deeper growl reminiscent of Burton C Bell. This is definitely the strongest song on the track and suggests some potential for the rest of the EP. Sadly it still lacks a real sinister air and additionally fails to reach the grandiose elements of their peers.

The rest of the EP (other than the seemingly pointless instrumental track ‘Blood Shed With The 3rd Eye’ right at the end) consists of remixes from guest DJs. One of ‘Transformation Within Fictional Mutation’ courtesy of K.Bathory (who has previously remixed In Flames) and four of ‘Carnal Consummation Of The Empty Space’, and it is here the quality really drops. I consider myself a fan of electronica based music, if not an expert it has to be said, and the best of it can make you want to get up and throw things about the place in excitement. Unfortunately the remixes here are, for the most part, unexciting and pretty much just plod along without any real force whatsoever.

K. Bathory’s mix of ‘TWFM’ is particularly poor and has no real lasting impact. Out of the ‘CCOTES’ mixes, Juggernaut’s (who has previously mixed Korn’s ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ on their recent EP) is the strongest and wouldn’t feel too much out of place in a club scene. Otherwise the mixes, despite being by DJs who appear to have a real affinity to extreme forms of metal, sadly do not manage to make anything really encapsulating. It has to be said that these mixes did not do a lot for me whether I was in the mood for electronica based music, nor when I wasn’t.

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