Dark New Day - New TraditionDark New Day are a band who stirred some curiosity when undertaking research on them. Started up in 2005 by Clint Lowery of Sevendust along with members of Stuck Mojo, Steromud and Evanescence, Dark New Day are, in a sense, a ‘super group’ (according to Wikipedia that is). Listening to “New Tradition”, my curiosity was as to why Clint would decide he needed an additional project along side Sevendust, which sounded pretty much identical to them, except with fewer good songs?

Dark New Day are an American style, Nu-Metal influenced hard rock band, built with arenas in mind, similar to Shinedown and Sevendust. Now I don’t have a problem with these kind of bands, in fact in some cases I really enjoy it; I’m looking forward to the new Shinedown release and Sevendust have some decent tunes. On the flipside however, there are plenty of bands who play this style who sound exactly like one another, do not have great songs and lack a personality of their own, and Dark New Day sit firmly in this camp.

“New Tradition,” it turns out, is mostly a collection of B-Sides, so these are songs that weren’t quite good enough to make it on to previous albums; not a great start then. I would like to say that listening to it I would get proven wrong and that “New Tradition” would turn out to be a great collection and very worthwhile checking out. It didn’t, and it isn’t.

“New Tradition” consists of uninspiring songs that are far too formulaic and mostly near identical to one another. Additionally, it seems that when reading the ‘How to become a big, massive selling modern rock band’ manual they skipped the chapter that says to make your songs sound memorable.  Only the two songs; ‘Tremendous’ and ‘Sorry’ actually caught my attention, despite being pretty much the same as the rest of the album, they just sounded a lot stronger.

Otherwise “New Tradition” is a rather dull album which could have been made by literally any band that fits in to this categorization. There is so little going on here, and such that is so familiar to pretty much anyone with a fleeting interest in to rock music that I almost feel like I am talking down to the reader by describing it. Each song follows a strict formula of very simplistic riffs that, once again, sound like it you have heard it before countless times.

So Wikipedia, perhaps Dark New Day is a ‘super-group’ in band members stakes, but certainly far from super in a musical sense. An absolutely mediocre affair to put it bluntly.

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