Dark Century is an up and coming death metal band from Montreal, Canada. Their album “Days of the Mosh” has been out for quite some time now, yet the band is now starting to turn some heads with a slot on such high profile shows as Heavy Mtl. Guitarist Eric Duranleau took the time to talk to me about the band and their album.

“Days of the Mosh” has been out for a while now (Almost 4 years). How is it going with getting new material together for an album and when do you expect that to be released?

We have already released one new song called ‘Kill The Crowd’ that we recorded with Christian Donaldson here in Montreal.

Apart from this song, we have a few other finished songs and a few demos in the works. We will finish the witting process in the next few months and we should be in the studio to record everything this winter. So, expect a release date for next spring.

How did you guys manage to get a spot on the Heavy MTL bill with all of the big names involved in the festival?

We actually won a battle of the bands that was organised by evenko (the promoter behind the festival) and Dungeon Works Production, a local promoter, Initially, 20 bands were selected from all of the applications. The bands were divided in blocks of 4 and each played one show from January to May. Each band played in from of a panel of judges that included every night an internationally know musician.

On the night we played, we were judged by Jeff Waters of Annihilator. Out of the 20 selected, the top 5 made it to the finals last June at the Corona Theater to battle it out in front of a wider panel of judges that included members of Voivod and Kataklysm. It looks like we impressed the judges enough to get one of the 2 spots allowed. Our buddies in HolloW got the other  spot.

“On Days of the Mosh” I hear a lot of deathcore elements. As you guys are most likely aware, deathcore is generally not perceived well among death metal fans. Why do you feel this is and do you agree with the deathcore tag?

It’s kinda of funny that you mention the deathcore tag. We don’t think we fit in that category. We are not trying to fit any trends or anything. I think the thing with deathcore is that it is trendy and it attracts a crowd typically associate with hardcore and not metal and that might tick some metal purists.

If you don’t agree with the deathcore tag-What style would you consider yourselves?

We usually use the tag Death-Mosh because we use the more “moshier” elements of old death metal like Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse.

What albums/bands got you into extreme music in the first place?

It’s hard to speak for everyone in the band, but Dark Century was influenced at the beginning from Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and Hatebreed amongst other bands. From a personal point of view, it started out with Metallica over a decade ago and since then I’ve made my way to heavier music, from Lamb Of God to Despised Icon and Cryptopsy.

Has the recent arrest of Randy Blythe changed how you guys interactwith fans at concerts or no?

For us, it doesn’t change a thing. We will continue to be close to our fans. But you have to keep in mind that we are a small band and that it is easier to maintain an healthy proximity at our level.

Out of all of the bands currently out right now which one(s) would you most want to tour with if given the opportunity?

Dying Fetus is on top of that list. It’s our biggest influences and it would be insane to hit the road with them. Apart from them, probably Cannibal Corpse or Cryptopsy would be pretty cool as well.

Any lighter music that you listen to?

If so, what? We just came back from tour and looking back at what we listened to in the van, there was pretty much everything except country.

Thanks for taking the time to do the interview. Anything else youwould like to say?

Keep supporting metal and local bands. We pour our soul in making music and playing gigs and we appreciate greatly the support we get from our fan and our peers. Also, follow us on Facebook for all of the latest news. After the Heavy MTL gig we will be working on some new shit, so stay in the loop!

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