Everyone loves a little bit of power metal and leather, right? What about a keytar and blistering riffs? Then you can’t go far wrong with the awesome Dakesis. The magic in the Dakesis camp was on full display at Twitrfest 2. The vocals from vocalist/guitarist Wayne and keyboard player Gemma, were nothing short of magical. There was a even more of a treat when Gemma demonstrated her jaw-dropping vocals on ‘Broken,’ leaving the crowd in awe. And you can’t have a show without a little pyrotechnics… with flames spewing from Wayne’s and Matt’s guitar headstocks!  As unbelievable as it may be when you hear the Dakesis sound, they are not signed! Dakesis gave a luscious performance that carried the crowd with them on an epic auditory journey that ended on a high!

Dakesis setlist:
Trail By Fire
After The Storm
On Wings Of Steel
New Dawn

Dakesis – Official Website