DIS - Becoming WrathEvery now and then it is important to broaden you music horizons, so listening to crust/d-beat/hardcore and grindcore seems a nice change from the standard generic metal. You might ask, what is d-beat? D-Beat can be described as a sub-genre of hardcore and punk, with a very crusty edge to it. So in essence it could be called a derivative of crust punk. It was named after Discharge by bands trying to imitate their style and sound. Usually d-beat has a very similar drumming style and pattern, which makes immediately recognizable. A few bands picked up the mantle of this so-called d-beat sub-genre in the last 20 years or so. Some noticeable bands like Disfear, Skitsystem and Wolfpack (now known as Wolfbrigade).

Right, fast forward a few years, most of the above-mentioned bands are still going, but there is a new generation of bands beginning to emerge. One of which is known as D.I.S.

D.I.S. founder, Bruce Reeves, better known for his grindcore antics in the legendary band Phobia started D.I.S. in 2008. D.I.S. was a new project for Bruce after parting Phobia with 15 years of grinding under his belt. The band can be described as a crusty d-beat shitstorm with a thrash metal edge and very hardcore influenced vocal style.

“Becoming Wrath” is their 2nd Full-length, a follow up of their 2010 release titled “Critical Failure”. Getting into the thick of it, the album kicks off at a rather mellow pace with “Becoming Wrath”, which has a rather eerie, caliginous and almost ambient into. This however doesn’t last long as speeds up rather abruptly, the d-beat influence is clear through the drumming and guitar tuning. The vocals are harsh and unforgiving. There is a very metal edge to the style of D.I.S., which keeps it interesting.

The d-beat influences of a band such as Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade are very noticeable through the drumming, which has the infamous “BUPP-U-DUPP-U-DUPP…” drumming. The guitars have a crusty edge to it with that indisputable metal influence.

Another track that caught my attention is titled ‘Sea of Disdain’ which can only be described as a d-beat barrage of crust filth. The track also has a good tempo variety, which makes it rather unpredictable. Furthermore, the track also incorporates a solo, which isn’t overpowering and doesn’t really break the flow of the track. it’s just perfect.

Overall, the album is pretty tight, dishing up a good 30 minutes of crusty d-beat obliteration. If you’re a fan of bands such as Anti Cimex, WolfBrigade, Disfear, Skitsystem and Discharge, D.I.S.‘s “Becoming Wrath” definitely has something for you to lose yourself in. I would highly recommend “Becoming Wrath” to all the crusties and d-beat fiends out there. Top notch!

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