Cryptopsy-CryptopsyThere was a time when Cryptopsy was seen as the flagship of the Montreal extreme metal scene. “None So Vile”, “Whisper Supremacy” and “..And Then You’ll Beg” are still essential records in the extreme metal gene. “The Unspoken King” (2008) was the beginning of the end for the band. It received some very bad press and most long-time Cryptopsy fans genuinely loathed the album, because it of its supposed deathcore tendencies. Four years after the fact Flo Mournier and Co are finally back with a brand new, self titled album…

I’m very pleased to report that the new Cryptopsy album is a mind blowing return to form. There are no clean vocals and the celebrated trademark polyrhythmic guitar riffs from “Whisper Supremacy” and “…And Then You’ll Beg” are back with devastating effect. This, combined with the songwriting prowess and heavy moments from “None So Vile” make the new Cryptopsy album arguably the comeback album of the year.

Another key feature lays within the innovative arrangements and solid song structures that characterises tracks like “Two-Pound Torch”, “Red-Skinned Scapegoat”, “The Golden Square Mile” and “Cleansing The Hosts”. It doesn’t matter who technical or extreme the songs become, it’s the solid song structures that keeps them in place. There’s even room for a little jazz/lounge experiment on the aforementioned “Red-Skinned Scapegoat”.

Some new elements made their way to the Cryptopsy sound as well. The guitar solos contain some genuine melodies and Flo Mournier’s drumming serves the songs a little more. Also, the modern production by guitarist Christian Donaldson give “Cryptopsy” a more contemporary feel.

In short, this is the album Flo Mournier and Co should have made after “Once Was Not”. It contains nods to older Cryptopsy record, but it sounds modern enough to satisfy a whole new generation of metal kids. “Cryptopsy” is definitely one of the finest moments in extreme metal this year. Simply awe-inspiring!

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