Crucified Barbara - The Midnight Chase [Review]Crucified Barbara is a Swedish all girl rock outfit, based in Stockholm. They’ve been around since 1998, releasing two full length album in the process. Now these girls are back with their third record, entitled “The Midnight Chase”. Let’s see whether Crucified Barbara can convince yours truly…

Truth be told I usually have my reserves about all female groups, because on many occasions it’s more about good looks than good music. However, Crucified Barbara can rock with the best of them. These girls let it all out on “The Midnight Chase” in the finest Lemmy Killmeister/Motorhead and MC5 tradition. These ladies aren’t reinventing the proverbial rock and roll wheel, but they sure manage to rattle some cages with balls-to-wall type of songs, like “The Crucifier”, “Shut Your Mouth” and “Everything We Need”.

The bulk of “The Midnight Chase” consists of straightforward energetic rock songs build around killer guitar riffs and memorable hooks. Singer/guitarist Mia Coldheart has this nasty Mustaine-meets-Lemmy snarl going on, but unlike the two aforementioned gents she can actually sing as she proves on the heart wrenching ballad “Count Me In’. Other notable songs are the groove-laden “Rock Me Like The Devil” and the killer guitar work on “If We Hide”.

“The Midnight Chase” has a very dry and bare bones production. This may not be to everyone’s liking, but it works perfectly in tandem with the take-no-prisoners attitude of this hard rocking ladies.

Crucified Barbara may not win the originality price with “The Midnight Chase”, but they’re certainly great at what they do. The songs are memorable and they’re simple rife with boundless energy and a type of genuine rock and roll attitude only a few can muster. In short, it’s only rock and roll, but I like it!

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