Corrosion Of Conformity - Corrosion Of ConformityWhen I described the problems I was having writing this review to a friend of mine, he said something along the lines of, “Put what you just told me. That is the best review I think I’ve ever heard.”

What I told him was, “Man, writing this review is almost impossible. Every time I put on the album I find myself dancing around the room. I need to force myself to sit down and giving it a deep critical listen.”

I’m not going to bother comparing this to the previous slew of Corrosion Of Conformity releases. Those albums all stand up in their own right and so does this one. However, what some people might be interested in is that this album sees the return of the original trio of Mike Dean on Bass/Vocals, Reed Mullin on Drums/Vocals, and Woody Weatherman on Guitar; the 1985 line up for groundbreaking album “Animosity”.

This album is set to mark the 30th anniversary of the band’s inception. I am more than happy to say that these guys suffer in absolutely no way any of the negative possibilities of reformed older bands. This album is a top notch display of skill, song-writing, power, aggression, and fun! This is what all bands should aspire to regardless of how long they have been around.

Damn it! It happened again! I just can’t help it. I am trying to sit down to listen to this thing so I can give you fine people a detailed description of all of the different elements of this album, but I just can’t stop myself from being sucked into it! I am already predicting that this will be in my top 10 for 2012! Hell, maybe of all time!

Okay, I am going to have to settle for giving you an overall description of what you get with this album (without it playing so I can concentrate). I would give you some individual song highlights, but all eleven of these tracks absolutely kill. From the first pulsing guitar riff of “Psychic Vampire” through the instrumental masterpiece “El Lamento de las Cabras” to the last punches of “Time Of Trials” Corrosion Of Conformity grace us with all of the influences they have picked up over the years without ever pandering to a single one.

They have managed to take all of these influences and make them a part of their own voice. Although you hear and feel elements from eras gone by, they are not used simply for homage or as a musical crutch. Rather they are used as valid elements of what they are saying today. All of the punk, metal, prog, jazz, funk, rock elements get fused together seamlessly to bring us right into the center of our own(and maybe their) minds.

Beyond the fact that the music is so well composed, arranged, and performed; its visceral majesty is only complimented by the amazing production quality. The album was recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio in Los Angeles (CA, USA), produced by the John Custer (this is his 6th C.O.C. record since 1991), and mixed by John Lousteau (audio engineer for Foo Fighters, Fireball Ministry, Alice In Chains, and more). The two Johns have managed to capture and mix the power and energy of the performances exquisitely without losing even the slightest bit of the rawness and dirtiness that is at the heart of these songs.

I say “these songs” but that is a disservice. This is definitely an album. It takes you on a journey. Listening from beginning to end through a stereo or on headphones will take you to a cinema in your mind. And you can do it over and over again as they have done you the favour of not brick wall limiting things to death in mastering.

There is no such thing as perfection in music, but this comes as close as I can imagine. If I gave an “out of ten” rating, this would get a 9.999999! If their live performance is anything near as good as this offering, they are definitely a “can’t miss”!

Now, off to enjoy it again…

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