Cop Problem EPUnleashed on the Philadelphia hardcore scene less than 2 years ago, Cop Problem have just released their debut self-titled EP and the underground buzz that has surrounded them for a little while now seems to be very much justified.

This three song release showcases the simmering brutality and unabashed aggression of a truly inventive band. Way more than just a hardcore outfit, they blend a classic punk attack with elements of grind and even a tinge of Will Haven/Earthone9-esque noise.

This EP packs a fine punch and although it clocks in at under 9 minutes, it contains more power and effervescence in that time than many long players achieve over the best part of an hour.

The sound is frenetic and unpolished, but the playing tight and precise. Deb’s vocals call to mind Grady Avenell and Tairrie B but comparisons are perhaps unfair as she is a unique talent and very much possesses her own style. Special mention must also be made of powerhouse drummer Joshua Cohen who punishes his kit so thoroughly that you wonder if the snare dissed his Mom.

There are many bands out there pushing the limits of brutality in this genre and many fans may feel we don’t need another addition to the fold, but Cop Problem are a genuinely fresh attack and well worth checking out. The whole EP bubbles with the same vitality that early Discharge and Cro-Mags had – uncontrived, politically astute, aural violence with the musical chops to match.

Proof of their abilities will no doubt become apparent on their upcoming tour supporting the inimitable Reign Supreme, but this band have the potential to be phenomenal and bring the venom in spades.

If this EP is the appetizer, I cannot wait for the main course.

Cop Problem – Official Website