Oozing through the queues waiting to enter The Moho was a rainbow of black and other vivacious colours of spectators. They were present to sample the grand vision that is the Evolution Tour. Three EBM performances were ready to transform one small room into mass destruction.

Exposing their “highly invasive sonic surgery” through their debut record Vanity, beginning the night was Scottish duo Surgyn. Compromising the duo, under the devious names of Chief Of Surgical Veil & Master Surgeon Sovereign, the men gave sight to what could have been the rejects from American TV series American Horror Story. A sense of apprehension invaded the floors with slow track ‘Beauty Is Agony.’ By unleashing hard-hitters ‘Aesthetics’ and ‘Hit The Nerve,’ their punters began to loosen up to participate with the deranged doctors. Their starry-eyed ‘Limosine’ got its first sight of movers and as ‘Haemorrhage’ exploded with its fast-paced scarring, more observers joined in the operating room. The last tracks ‘400’ and ‘Sharp As Stars’ completed their set with Manchester and saw the young act showing their gratitude to the crowd.

Jayce Lewis was next performing to the ever hungry congregation. This name is quite a familiar one as Lewis is recommended and endorsed by the Electronic King, the one and the only Gary Numan. Commencing the night with his live cohorts was ‘Severe Sever,’ then exposing Jayce Lewis into the scene with the hypnotising ‘Solitaire.’ With ‘Electric Medicine,’ Manchester was absorbed to the blends of metal and Industrial that screamed into the ears. The pounding drums complimented the deep aggression of the tracks ‘Paradox’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘Wrath’. ‘Semper Fidelis’ provided gentler moments and the last track ‘Icon’ returned with the beats that grabbed Manchester with delight.

As Combichrist‘s Andy LaPlegua paraded the tight stage as if walking on a hot coal path, the walls were dripping and atmosphere became tight around the throat. As each Combichrist member, Joe Letz, Z_Marr, Trevor Fredrich and Abbey Nex, took their positions the generated disorder began. The contagion of their massive bass beats blasted their army, unleashing tracks from their back catalogue, including their recent release, “Making Monsters”. After LaPlegua shrieked “I know what Manchester is like”, bodies crashed about the floor without missing a single beat. The added drums made the bass even louder, rupturing ears and causing the place to go even more insane. The finest moment of the night was the crowd-pleaser ‘Get Your Body Beat’. The warzone was taken to a level that has never explored and the pit transformed into blood-thirsty animals…

After the sounds of Frank Sinatra’s all-time classic “I Did It My Way” blasted through the speakers after Combichrist took their final bow, Manchester came together as one army and couldn’t hide the massive grins on their faces. The animals are caged until next time.

Combichrist Setlist:
Intruder Alert
Like To Thank My Buddies
Are You Connected
Blut Royale
This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Get Your Body Beat
All Pain Is Gone
Just Like Me
Follow The Trail Of Blood
Throat Full Of Glass
Sent To Destroy
In the Pit
Sent To Destroy
Never Surrender
What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?

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