Coilguns/NVRVD SplitWhen a band member decides to quit playing bass in order to focus on “vocals and crowd fighting”, as did Louis Jucker of Swiss noise merchants Coilguns, you know that you’ve encountered the real deal, especially when the guitarist deals with the situation by increasing his equipment by more than is strictly necessary so the band sounds louder than ever before. But loud doesn’t quite come close to describing the hateful barrage issuing forth on the split with fellow wreckheads Coilguns/NVRVD, with each band kicking out two studio and two live tracks apiece, all of them with violence, both sonic and physical an all encompassing theme.

On the Coilguns side we are greeted with the two minute kick in the guts that is ‘Dewar Flasks’ which inhabits the same bare-knuckled underworld of Trap Them with its gnarly riffing and relentless drumbeat. By comparison, ‘Mandarin Hornet’ is much longer and induces unease with its meandering chords, coming across like the lengthy tracks that pop up midway through Converge albums before passages of d-beat flavoured riffing and discordant noise rock flourishes conspire to keep your pulse racing. The live tracks sound visceral and unhinged, but from the sound of it, no audience members were on the receiving end of Jucker’s fists, just his thoroughly abrasive vocals.

Also known as Never Void, German post-metal/hardcore outfit NVRVD were the instigators of this split release, and it’s a decision that’s paid off brilliantly, for their corrosive, blackened hardcore is a different beast to Coilguns, yet it’s an alliance that combines to devastating effect. ‘Direktore’ is an audio car crash of creaking bass, feral death roars and chugging dissonance while ‘Hungry for Needs’ is equally ugly with its squalling leads and sheet metal riffing. There’s plenty of Deadguy worship going on here and for those in the know, that’s no bad thing at all.

With both bands on top of their game and united in their desire to cause as much damage as possible, the Coilguns/NVRVD split EP should please anyone who likes their metal to be both demented and relevant, no easy task in this day and age. Full lengths from both bands as soon as possible please!

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