Coffin Texts - The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual‘Coffin Texts’ are funeral based spells from Ancient Egypt, written inside coffins. They have an emphasis on the afterlife region of Duat, which is a challenging and dangerous place where the deceased would have to pass before reaching the weighing of their heart as judgement. I mention this because when I first saw the band name Coffin Texts I foolishly thought it meant something much simpler and sillier.

Actually forming in the early 90’s, Coffin Texts are an old-school death metal act. Album wise they have been less than prolific it has to be said: an original album recorded in 1996, before a signing a record deal and getting a re-release in 2000, the follow up “Tomb Of Infinite Ritual” took four years to record and has finally in 2012 seen a release. As you have probably guessed, Coffin Texts are inspired by Ancient Egyptian imagery and mythology, similarly to Nile but arguably not as vividly. “The Tomb Of Infinite Ritual” certainly fits in with earlier death metal acts such as the aforementioned Nile and the likes of Morbid Angel, but at the same time the album does show some more modern and more technical sounding parts here and there, but without sounding bolted on and confused.

“Tomb Of Infinite Ritual” is a good effort and will certainly appeal to fans of the old-school especially, but it isn’t a perfect album sadly. A real downer is that it isn’t the most memorable. Although very pleasant whilst listening to it there are no real big hooks or truly great riffs that make any lasting impact. There are a couple of moments as well where the band attempt to capture a dark atmosphere and fail to achieve it, such as on the chanting passages on “Divination” or on the spoken word introduction of “Atum- Into The Divine Sphere”. Such moments do not make any real effect that they were surely aiming for. Most of the songs as well pass the 5 minute mark but make that so common error of not warranting such length. Otherwise “Tomb Of Infinite Ritual” is an enjoyable listen. Far from a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but if you like the likes of Morbid Angel you could do a lot worse.

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