Clark - IradelphicI love jazz fusion… I love the denseness of the soundscapes and the non-linear, almost non-melodic, nature of the music. ”Bitches brew” is a particular favourite of mine… it has something super-sonic about it that I can’t quite quantify.

I say all this because it was my initial reaction… what came to me… when I started to consume the aural wonder that is ”Iradelphic” by Clark.

The soundscapes presented on this release are richly adorned with most interesting of instrumentation… synths that Wakeman would kill Jarre over… electronic atmospheres that would have made Derbyshire proud… chunky beats and percussive elements that Moon himself would be bragging about… the most beautiful acoustic guitar and even delicate solo piano (”Black Stone”).

One track in particular stood out for me was ”The Pining Part2”which has a tremendous movement and funk to it. The track really moves… albeit in a rather unique and glitchy manner.

This release is not just a collection of intricate and imaginative instrumentals, however… ”Open”, for example, presents a repetitive female vocal that is brought nicely into the overall sonic tapestry of the track… and ”secret” presents a soundscape with the most delightful left field female vocals which reminded me of Leila… vocals that have a lovely Brazilian feel near the end of the track.

”Ghosted” too has vocals… albeit these are male and near the end of the track. They have a haunting quality to them… in part from the double-tracking technique used… making them sound wonderfully ’out there’.

I don’t know a lot about Clark other than he is a prolific creative on Warp with a number of releases to his name. ”Iradelphic” is most definitely a strong release and one that makes me curious about his back catalogue.

That said… based on hearing this release… I would easily put him up there with Four Tet as someone making really inventive soundscapes in the further reaches of left field dance music… the kind of music we need more of, if you ask me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this release and would heartily recommend it to folks who like their music dense, richly textured and highly imaginative.

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