Circle Of Reason - A Favour For A Stranger EPAutumn, I feel, is the grungeist of seasons. It originates from Seattle, that gloomy city of rains, and brings to mind bearded men in plaid, moodily trudging through loamy Washington woodlands. So now is the perfect time for South Coast four-piece Circle of Reason to release their three-track EP, “A Favour For A Stranger”.

Opening number ‘Chasing The Sun’  is actually more a post grunge vintage; mellow smoky Buffalo Tom harmonies, with cheeky Senseless Things top notes. There are also hints of shoegaze as the vocals croon about ‘vapour trails’ like a rockier Ride.

It’s all rather wonderful, but my bitter-sweet reveries are short lived as the other two tracks are vastly inferior.

‘Silver Scene’ is strictly second division grunge a la Silverchair, it feels rather forced although the beautiful guitars almost save it.

‘Sea Of Voices’ improves with it’s Rival Schools proto-emo vocals but a terrible cymbal hiss sound in the mix irritates you into wishing it all over. However, this may be rather harsh of me as Circle of Reason are unsigned and just starting out.

There is some promise shown here and it’s kind of nice to hear people playing this type of music again. Sadly for Circle of Reason, it just makes me want to return to ‘Treehouse’  or ‘Used For Glue’ rather than play this again too often.

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