Church of Misery - The Second ComingJapan’s Church of Misery are a band that I’d been hearing quite a bit about recently, so when I was given the opportunity to review the re-release of their second album, the appropriately named “The Second Coming” I leapt at the chance.

Before listening to the band, I didn’t know much about them. All I knew was that they sang about serial killers and had a doomy sound to them, similar to Sabbath. It sounded interesting and my expectations were high when I put the album on.  Were they met? Yes and no.

You see,  Church of Misery have the grooves, they have that 70s vibe to them and the serial killer lyrics give them that creepy hippy vibe, and yet all I hear when I listen to this album is a carbon copy of Cathedral. I mean, Cathedral is a good band and all and personally I love a good homage band and all, but this is a bit extreme in it’s homage. Church of Misery‘s whole sound sounds just lifted from Cathedral, from it’s grooves to lead vocalist’s Hideki Fukasawa’s singing.  Fans of Cathedral will probably freak over this, but others will wonder what the big deal is.

In the band’s defence, the serial killer theme is quite a bit different from Cathedral, but even that gets old after a while. At first hearing samples of  some of these killers is shocking, but by the time the album was done, I was no longer shocked: I found myself instead wondering when these guys would vary their lyrical themes a change.

Even though I personally don’t like the theme and wish that they would change it, I am sure it is that very aspect that will probably get Church of Misery the attention that they deserve. After all, a band has to do something to stand out in the sea of bands vying for your attention.

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