Taiwan isn’t the most metal place in the world, you could literally chuck a dart at a map and find a more metal place without trying. This however seems to have gone over the heads of Cthhonic, who are one of Saturday morning’s main stage attractions. Clad head to toe in black military gear, the band cuts a menacing collective figure and rightly so, they are as brutal as they are sharply dressed, its just a case of opening your mind and letting them crawl inside.

Chthonic are not only a brutal musical entity, but they are fiercely intelligent and worldly, they fight for what they believe in and have a fascination with the darker things in life more specifically the underworld and all the things that await us there.

Taking to the Ronnie James Dio stage, the band hits and hits hard, given the fact that they are still relatively unknown over here and haven’t really visited these shores in close to 2 years. Their reception may have consisted of surprise, but in the end they won over the crowd.

The majority of today’s set seems to be built around the band’s latest release “Takasago Army” which is fair considering the band doesn’t really have enough well known songs over here to justify them rolling out ‘hits’ so to speak, although ‘Broken Jade’ does seem to wake the crowd up and there seems to be a small portion of them that is familiar with it which bodes well for the bands future.

There is a moment during the set where front man Freddy Lim goes on a minor rant about Taiwan not being allowed their own Olympics team that threatens to literally derail the momentum the band has built up to that point, but instead it leads the crowd into a mass Taiwan chant that unites the band and the audience.

As the band brings their set to a crushing finale, I would say its safe to say that on this day Chthonic have been victorious and have paved the way for them to make a return to these shores whenever they see fit.

Chthonic – Facebook Page

Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal