Chase and Status – Jim Marshall Stage (Main Stage) – Friday 19:20 – 20:20

Download Festival is largely known for knowing its audience and generally giving said audience what they want, but over the years some shall we say questionable booking decisions have been made, My Chemical Romance headlining in 2007, Lethal Bizzle in 2008 and the First time that both The Prodigy and Pendulum played the festival in 2006 and 2008 respectively, but over time they have become staple moments in the festival’s history, but still even if you take all of those moments into account and added them all together, they still wouldn’t come close to the amount of so called controversy caused by the booking of the next act. Chase and Status.

Yes, that Chase and Status. At Download. On the main stage. Sub-headlining. And yes above metal’s darlings Machine Fucking Head.  Yes that is a real thing and exactly what happened at this years festival, but you know the best part of all? They absolutely fucking smashed it.

Opening with ‘Smash TV’ from their debut album “More Than A Lot,” the band (yes, they have a band) hits the ground running and for the next hour proceeds to assault the senses with their urban grime infused drum and bass, probably the most interesting thing about Chase and Status live is just how heavy they are live, by having live musicians with them really helps to up their game, they also have a less annoying hype man than most dance acts.

For those in the know the bands setlist is a fans dream, as they combine tracks from both of their albums, tracks like the aforementioned ‘Smash TV,’ ‘Eastern Jam’ and ‘Pieces’ work well when played alongside newer material such as ‘End Credits,’ ‘Let You Go,’ ‘Hypest Hype’ and ‘Blind Faith.’

Most amazingly the band encounters absolutely no hostility from the audience, there are people dancing, raving and just smiling as far as the eye can see, which is a huge triumph on the bands behalf as well as for open mindedness in music as a whole. The only disappointing thing that I can say about the set itself is the lack of special guests, with a stage and audience this large, the appearance of Delilah, Plan B and Tinie Tempah would have really helped to elevate the performance, but that is a minor gripe in what was an otherwise amazing performance.

Chase and Status Download 2012 setlist:

Smash TV
Eastern Jam
Fire In Your Eyes
Hypest Hype
Flashing Lights
Brixton Briefcase
End Credits
Let You Go
No Problem
Take Me Down
Blind Faith
Fool Yourself

Photograph by Jessica Gilbert Photography