Cauldron - Tomorrow's LostCanadian rockers Cauldron will drop its third album via Earache Records on October 8th. “Tomorrow’s Lost” contains nine pure rock tracks. Jason Decay, Ian Chains, and Myles Deck have returned with a new offering that is sure to have fans head-banging and singing along in the aisles.

The new Cauldron album starts out at a blistering pace. The guitars gallop along and the vocals are sweet, like candy. It’s a nice mixture of metal and cleanliness. ‘End of Time‘ is a darn fine metal song. The guitar solo is just as a metal solo should be, with the rhythm guitar running underneath the solo continuing to propel the song forward. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a Motörhead vibe while listening to the track.

‘Born To Struggle’ is definitely pumping up the 90s metal rock jams. The song sounds dated and that’s only a bad thing if you weren’t a fan of loud guitars, power chords, and good time rock. The only thing this song is missing is a cowbell. Luckily, I have my own. ‘Nitebreaker’ is another 90s pump your fist in the air stock metal tunes and it’s fun to listen to. The band isn’t taking any risks or chances with the compositions, they do what they do and they do it very well. Halfway through the song, you find yourself singing along.

‘Summoned to Succumb’ is another toe tapping tome. It, along with ‘Fight For Day,’ are more songs that you find yourself singing along with before it’s over. That’s the insidious nature of Cauldron’s “Tomorrow’s Lost.” It sneaks up on you and gets into your synapses. It’s not music you have to think about or analyze. You can pop this disk on while you are driving and not worry about getting a speeding ticket.

‘Burning Fortune‘ is quite a fiery guitar track from the new disk,  “Tomorrow’s Lost.” This one sounds like an old Judas Priest song. ‘Endless Ways’ continues in the vein of 90s guitar laden metal with clean vocals. The song is so cheery it quickly became my favourite on the album. ‘Relentless Temptress’ is like a Ratt rip-off. It’s an updated version of ‘Lay It Down.’ This is fine, as I liked Ratt. Like I said, there is nothing bad about Cauldron’s “Tomorrow’s Lost.” It’s chock full of things that you liked… twenty years ago. The guitar solos are the solos you grew up on but the album is still refreshing and fun.

‘Tomorrow’s Lost (Sun Will Fall)’ ends the throwback to good old fashioned metal rock that the album”Tomorrow’s Lost.” imbibes. It’s another track that has you toe tapping and bobbing your head. Much like the entire album, you’ve heard all of this before but if you liked it the first time, you’ll like it this time. Cauldron are a safe metal band. They are something to play for the kids or for you to play when you have stuff to do around the house and want to get it done. They are lighthearted and innocent. “Tomorrow’s Lost” is a solid 90s metal rock album.

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