Cats And Cats And Cats - CatsalogueFormed in 2005 where London based band Cats and Cats and Cats slowly took musical niche’s to the next level with their anthemic, folk pop style, releasing two albums and an EP, the band has decided it was time to pull the cat out of the bag, and call it a day.

“Catsalogue” was released on May 28th and is a collection of songs by the band over the past seven years, paw picked and thrown together to create one final send-off album.  And what an album it is.

The two instrumental tracks ‘Happiness For Lola’ and ‘Young Persons Guide To Becoming A Rock Star’ are either soothing and peaceful, or loud and locomotive, which kind of send you off into a haze where your either so relaxed or so pumped up you’re not quite sure what’s going on. With the elegant guitars and keyboards you wouldn’t be expecting the ferocious, energetic burst of electricity firing out of tracks like ‘Anchoress’ and ‘Match Of The Day,’ but they are as joyful and spiritual as the rest of the album.

Using an accordion is something all artists should be doing. It is an instrument not as greatly appreciated as it should be, but probably because it’s rather difficult to play. In the albums more folky track ‘A Boy Called Haunts’ the accordion sets this amazing rhythm behind the indie vocals and blaring guitars, offering these infectious sounds that make you want to boogie…or take a trip to France.

The tender tune from the piano in ‘Sweet Drunk Everyone’ and the orchestral violins offer this impeccable sensation when you listen to it.

There is so much variety and practice with instruments in this album, such as the clock work intro of ‘You’ll Never Make It Home’ and the trumpets in ‘O’ Science’ which stop you from feeling bored.

If you like your folk rock, or bands such as Beirut, you will love this album by Cats and Cats and Cats. This is a great way to go out with a bang, and the tracks they chose for this album were all good choices. It will be sad to see such a talented band go, but at least they put out one last valiant album before they went.

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