After 80s Power Metal band Careless split in the heat of the Heavy Metal  years, the band are back together with more than 30 years apart. After spending the last four years playing together they finally released an album in August last year. And now ThisIsNotAScene have discovered it, and we are itching to tell you a little bit more about it.

“Coalition” is the first, self-released album by the Canadian trio and it is a mixture of old recordings written back in the early 80s when the band first met. With influences such as Iron Maiden and Ronnie James Dio it is exactly those influences you hear from the first track ‘Curtains.’

With the fast guitar solos, double bass and high, scratchy vocals this is Power Metal at its best. Second track ‘Boundaries’ is arguably the best track on the album, with its generically powerful chorus and anthemic lyrics. Vocalist and drummer James Collins makes an excellent job of combining the two together. There is a reason we don’t see many drummers as frontmen, because it’s hard work. And this band has managed to pull it off valiantly.

Songs such as “Against Stupidity” add a more modern hard rock feel to it, with raunchy vocals and deeper guitars. However, bending the vocals was probably not the best move, as the vocals would probably sound a lot stronger if they just left it, rather than trying all the fancy tricks. But the epic solo in the middle of it more than makes up for it.

‘The Gods Themselves’ and ‘Contend In Vein’ are the power ballads on the album, although, the solo in ‘The Gods Themselves’ was soulless and out of tune, the rest of the song was just what you expect to hear from a Power Metal ballad. The thing that most bands don’t understand about solos is that you have to make them fit with the rest of the song. You can’t just play a bunch of random notes and play them quickly and then call it a solo. This is what it sounded like in this song.

Overall, this is a pretty decent effort at a Power Metal album. With a few tweaks here and there, and some minor adjustments to some of the solos, it could be a great album. It was definitely a good choice digging up these old songs and releasing this album. However, if they had stuck together and released this in the 80s they could be the ones headlining our festivals right now, but unfortunately, the number of Power Metal fans has declined since the 80s and no one really appreciates it any more. Maybe splitting up, was a little bit “Careless.”

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