Carach Angren - Where The Corpses Sink ForeverDutch interrogation of horror at its finest! Carach Angren has put forth their third full-length album entitled “Where the Corpses Sink Forever”. It is a shape shifting album that has married a fearful narrative, a potent full orchestra and savagery heavy metal elements. Season of Mist released the Netherlands band’s album on May 18, 2012.

Entwined black metal with symphonic elements seems panned out and stale. Conversely, Carach Angren pulls it all apart and assembles the pieces again resulting in a sinister portrait of raw energy guitars, gnashing vocals and behemoth drums. Yes, it sounds that good!

“Where the Corpses Sink Forever” unfolds in a narrative with an atmospheric sample opening on the track called “An Ominous Recording”. As the tracks progress so does the sequence of events mainly interweaving several ideologies and keeping to the loose theme of the esoteric number seven and death. Isolating each track, “Bitte Tötet Mich” illuminates the balance between orchestra and traditional metal. The orchestra piques at the intense moments while the grinding guitars and pulsing drums keep rhythm and melody accordingly.  The drums are plausible especially on “General Nightmare” with its slamming zeal. The theatrical elements of the orchestra are less pronounced on this particular track and Carach Angren can be heard in their stand alone glory.

The last track of the album “These Fields Are Lurking” comes full circle with the beginning of “Where the Corpses Sink Forever”. It pertains to a closing of the narrative and bows out with a piece of the opening track. The release is fluid, the symphonic elements are well presented and Carach Angren vocalist, Seregor, captures the audience with his assertive Dutch under tone. If there be any criticism, I say stay away from “Where the Corpses Sink Forever” if hypersensitive to symphonic black metal. Furthermore, the album grates on outburst of the orchestra and some might feel that too much or too chaotic.

From my perspective “Where the Corpses Sink Forever” by Carach Angren deserve an 8/10. It is like the topping of blood on snow – outstanding.

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