Cara Neir - Sublimation Therapy EPThe impressive thing about the duo that is Cara Neir is their ability to change direction with successive releases whilst staying true to a sound forged way back in 2009 with initial steps into the realm of blackened “something” with the double release Part 1 and Part 2. Treading a similar path right up until the full length “Stagnant Perceptions” in which Cara Neir fell more into the black metal spectrum, the band has continually developed and surprised with a complex catalogue that showcases Brents and Francis as reluctant pioneers of the blackened everything “scene.”

“Sublimation Therapy” is a masterful change of tack and Cara Neir move forward from their recent split with Ramlord into the territory of grind/powerviolence and fierce aggression. Seventeen tracks across a flighty twenty two minutes force preconceptions of this band to the very limits – if your first taste was “Stagnant Perceptions” than fuck, you are in for one hell of a ride. Insane technicality looms at every fearsome corner and ‘Scientific Rebirth’ bursts from the blocks with a deadly speed and hunger. Fearsome bombast flows throughout ‘Fearless Transfixion of the Devil’ and hardly a breath is drawn before the twenty seconds of ‘Skip the Next House’ segues into ‘Son’s Lament.’ It’s pure “fuck you” will that Cara Neir run through these tracks with nary a look back at the devastation being wrought in their wake.

Swinging between harsh screams, guttural roars and even the occasional punk-sounding vocal riff, Cara Neir straddles multiple genres whilst sounding defiantly unique. Musically they sway between furious hard-edged grind and blackened crust yet they also throw in a dastardly swagger during ‘Stained Bedsheets’ which begins with a sampled quote from the movie Session 9 (check it out). The short and desperately unsweet track times cling to the subconscious with a dirty grip, hooks will no doubt be lodged in your brain for days on end, ‘You Are Missed’ flying with cruel and caustic pleasure whilst holding onto a cleverly hidden melody. Oh Cara Neir, how do you do it?

‘Sturdy Belief in Flimsy Gods’ closes “Sublimation Therapy” on the longest track found on the EP, yet it still packs an unbelievable punch in the jagged blasts and occasional step back into more rhythmic territory. Combined, these smaller aspects give the final track a deliciously scathing atmosphere and Cara Neir once again lays waste to their surroundings with consummate and deadly ease.

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