Car Bomb - W^W^^W^WI do have a penchant for downright crazy jazz-inspired death/grindcore/mathcore outfits, like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cryptopsy, Cephalic Carnage, Burnt By The Sun and Botch. My latest addiction is “W^W^^W^W” by Long Island-based tech band Car Bomb. Let’s take a closer look.

The previous Car Bomb record was released on Relapse Records, but this time around they decided to go completely independent. “W^W^^W^W” is stocked to the brim with odd time signatures, jazzy time changes, offbeat guitar riffs and a long list of other niceties that will make every aficionado of extreme technical metal drool of sheer desire. Tracks like ‘Magic Bullit’, ‘Third Revelation’ and ‘Lower The Blade’ are brilliant examples in that regard.

The best metaphor to describe this album would be a sonic fragmentation bomb. However, despite of the totally over-the-top approach there still enough strategically placed moments where the listener gets the chance to catch his or her breath. This is one part to do with the spacious and modern production, but also with the songwriting qualities of the Car Bomb guys. No matter how crazy things get, there’s always room for a solid groove, little melodies and even some clean vocal traces here and there. It’s this diversity of moods and atmospheres that gives “W^W^^W^W” it’s edge.

This Car Bomb album may not be for everyone, but as lover of tech and generally weird bands in the metal and core spheres I’m pretty sure that “W^W^^W^W” will not leave my playlist any time soon. This release is a prime candidate for my year list of 2012. Amazing release!

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