Cannibal Corpse - Torture“Torture” is a horrible thing. Cannibal Corpse are a horrible sounding band. This then is match made in heaven…or hell depending on which way you view it. When it was announced that for their 12th album they would be tackling various forms of torture, it seemed to be a no brainer and the end result is a savage battering assault on the senses that provides the listener with their own personal form of sensory torture and do you know what? You will love every minute of it.

Starting with the  appropriately titled ‘Demented Aggression’ which hurtles out of the gates like a bug eyed lunatic clawing his way out of an asylum, its evident that Cannibal Corpse are not fucking around, its an outstanding opening to what is a nightmarish ride through hell and back.

In much the same way Prometheus was tied to a rock and forced on a daily basis to live through the agony of having an eagle eat his liver, you will live with this album for days after hearing it. I found myself singing the hook to ‘As deep as the knife will go’ in hushed tones while serving people in my workplace the other day, which is a scary thought.

Its a weird notion to think that Cannibal Corpse can right catchy songs, but the aforementioned ‘As Deep As The Knife Will Go,’ ‘Demented Aggression’ and even ‘Followed Home Then Killed’ all feature hooks that you can find yourself humming, which shows that even this far into their career the band is learning new ways to write and evolve. However, that doesn’t mean the band has gone soft or hell forbid ‘Deathcore,’ as there are some of the most savage songs the band has ever written on here that prove once again why Cannibal Corpse are the undoubted godfathers of the death metal scene.

“Torture” is a sickeningly heavy album that promises to punish and destroy in equal measure and more than lives up to that promise and then some, whilst demonstrating that Cannibal Corpse hasn’t lost touch with who they are and the scene they helped create and shows that they can still give the young guns a run for their money.

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