Campus - EmpathyDespite what their name may imply, you’re unlikely to find Belgian 5-piece Campus down the library putting in a few hours of extra study before a 9am lecture. These lads sound like they were born and raised on the stage, a perfect conduit for the energetic post-hardcore captured on new EP “Empathy.”

The title track instantly brings to mind UK scene darlings Architects, with Martijn Leenaerts’s howled vocals directing proceedings with a commanding efficiency as the measured breakdowns and competent melodic hooks lead into the off kilter aggression of ‘Lone Wolf’, recalling “Define the Great Line” era Underoath. The problem is that the association is a little too instant; nothing new appears to have been added to what many would consider a benchmark in the post-hardcore genre.

‘Downtime’ punches well within its weight as the requisite breakdown and angular melodies only succeed in making you wonder where you left that Norma Jean album before ‘Young Bastard’ continues the theme with only the hard hitting drums of Josse Wijckmans keeping things the right side of average.

At a mere 12 minutes, “Empathy” passes by in the blink of an eye, and unfortunately didn’t do enough to save the band, who this week announced their split. Another victim of the rock n’ roll school of hard knocks.

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