Butcher Babies – Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage – Saturday 16:50 – 17:20

Boobs and Blood, a damn fine combination if ever there was one, a combination that has attracted a rather large crowd away from Tenacious D over to the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage where a largely male audience has gathered for the arrival of Butcher Babies, the self proclaimed ‘Slut Metal’ band fronted by former Playboy TV presenters Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd.

The band themselves are more Otep than Arch Enemy, but that’s not a bad thing, there is plenty of energy and conviction which suggests that these girls are for real, as opposed to being pretenders to a throne. However, you get the feeling that people aren’t here for the music, despite the ladies being more covered and less blood splattered than usual, everyone’s focus is clearly on them, which is evident by the sheer lack of movement from the gathered throng, with eyes firmly planted and the two young ladies up front.

It’s a shame that the audience came purely for shallow reasons as the Butcher Babies turn in a spirited performance, choc full of raw energy and punk spirit, that surprises and impresses in equal measure. They are still a young band but today’s set proves that they have the potential to grow into something much better in the future.

Slut Metal may not ever become a thing, but its pretty much a sure thing that Butcher Babies will, even if unfortunately it will be for all the wrong reasons,which is a shame because under all the blood and tit tape there’s actually a good little band waiting to break out.

Photograph taken by Derek Bremner Photography