There’s been an underlying force in British music over the past year or so, a force so powerful it’s even infected primetime BBC Radio 1. It’s the latest wave of metal bands that are causing havoc across the Isles and attracting an impressively large and dedicated following in the process. While She Sleeps, Heights and Architects are some of the names that get thrown around to prove the quality and the wide appeal of this influx, but there’s so many more flying the flag.

One of the groups etching their mark on the grand stone of British metal are the the south coast bruisers, Bury Tomorrow. Forming six years ago, the furious five-piece have been on a steady climb through the ranks and bill line-ups to find themselves playing with some of the biggest names in the world of heavy music. Now releasing their second full-length record “The Union of Crowns”, Bury Tomorrow are preparing to take the next step toward infamy.

Released on Nuclear Blast (the home of Behemoth, Testament and Children of Bodom), it’s obviously going to be a heavy affair. Running to 55 minutes with 14 tracks, it’s a round of machine gun fire that dismembers your senses and leaves you in a spasmodic, deafened mess.

“The Union of Crowns” could be considered a concept album with its constant references to kingdoms, knights and battles. The tracklisting itself reads like a Manowar word association game with titles including ‘Royal Blood’, ‘Message To A King’ and ‘Vacant Throne’. Also, fact fans, the track ‘1603’ is an allusion to the year 1603 in which the crowns of England and Scotland were unionised after the death of Queen Elizabeth I – hence the album title.

Opener ‘Redeemer’ is a rampaging warhorse of pounding drums, chugging riffs and the most powerful roar you can expect to hear from a human being. In true metalcore style, Bury Tomorrow have merged the softer, lighter vocals with brutal snarls and growls, and the outcome is mindblowing. Daniel Winter-Bates‘ guttural screams of raw power lend themselves closer to death metal than metalcore, and it’s the sheer ferocity and pure hatred that leave you spitting blood and tearing apart your bedroom.

In short, “Union of Crowns” is mosh music. A beautiful selection of terrifying beatdowns and chaotic rhythms that will level venues and rip faces. First single ‘Lionheart’ may have been released last year but it’s still an anthemic fistful of metal full of adrenaline-pumping action, and new single ‘An Honourable Reign’ is a heavy slab of power so meaty you can bite chunks out it. It’s Bury Tomorrow‘s seamless combination of heavy and light that has seen them strip back metalcore to the bare bones of metal and hardcore, and it’s easy to spot the influences of both.

As the record rages on, images of A Game Of Thrones size battles are created, with Bury Tomorrow overseeing the carnage atop a pile of bloodied bodies they created. A lot of new bands straddle the line of metal but are reluctant to dive in fully as it will alienate a large proportion of the record-buying public, but the Southampton savages have produced an approachable yet wholly ball-busting record for everyone, everywhere. Get fucking involved.

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