Bury The Hatchet - ...It Was Never EnoughMetalcore as a sub-genre is one that has received a very critical response in recent years, often described very negatively, very saturated and even thought of as a near dead style. It also seems to be one that in recent times, more UK bands are trying a hand to, outside of the domination of the genre by American acts. One such band pushing for attention is Kent based Bury The Hatchet, with this their debut EP, “It Was Never Enough”, and it certainly warrants it.

Described in the press release as sounding in line with the likes of Architects, Protest The Hero and Lamb Of God; this is certainly truer with the former, having a very British sound to it, closely associating with the UK hardcore scene more than the big groove metal style of the latter. Ray Hughes vocals particularly bring this scene to mind; whilst also sounding quite raspy and really strained (although this might also be a product of the somewhat thing production, as sometimes they do appear to lack real force). This is a very British sounding EP.

For a debut EP there are some real moments of interest present which show a desire to try and separate themselves from the masses. The self titled intro track is a brief piano led number of a depressive, near funeral like tone which proves a real curveball to what follows for example, whilst the quick stop and start guitar segments in “Broken Soul” show some inventiveness and even remind me of Rolo Tomassi (minus the schizophrenic nature).

The only real criticisms come from the thin production, which seems to put the guitars right at the back of the mix whilst not given the vocals as much power at times as it feels they should, but for a self financed EP this is perhaps harder to work around. Otherwise Bury The Hatchet have come out with a surprising effort which sees them firmly on the right track. This shows signs of real character and inventiveness, and I would love to see these guys with a good sound. Check these lads out.

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