Bullet - Full PullBullet are a Swedish rock n’ roll band who sound uncannily like a certain Australian band with a reference to electricity in their name.  In fact, they sound like a couple of Australian bands that also sound like the same electricity-based band.  Not that they’re bad at what they do but being a straight-up copy of AC/DC doesn’t leave a lot of room for critical analysis when it comes to their latest offering “Full Pull”.

Singer Hell Hofer’s vocals are more Brian Johnson than Bon Scott, which may or may not please you depending on which side of the fence you sit on, and we’re talking 80s Brian Johnson rather than his recent performances.  The few tracks that do stick out above the rest – like the irresistible hard rock swagger of ‘Rolling Home’ – only stick out due to the fact that if you shut your eyes and concentrate – but not too hard – then you could imagine Johnson and co. really performing them.

‘High on the Hog’ is basically ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ given a little jig around with the guitar solo form ‘Who Made Who’, again not necessarily a bad thing audio-wise but there really is nothing here that adds anything new to the template or does anything different than what bands like Airbourne have done for AC/DC worship over the last few years.

What it really comes down to is that if you’ve exhausted your AC/DC and Rose Tattoo back-catalogues, have played both Airbourne albums to death and are still looking for some hard rock boogie with helium-induced vocals then you’ll probably love this.  But for those who get enough from “Back in Black”, “Fly on the Wall”, “Blow Up Your Video”, etc. and don’t feel the need to go down the tribute band route then this offers up very little.

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