Broken Lungs - We're In This TogetherLiverpool based band Broken Lungs are one of the most individual and unique bands to come out of the UK in recent years. In just one small 5 track debut EP entitled “We’re In This Together” the selection of songs are better recorded, put together and written than a full length album by some of the major bands right now.

This band mix up rock, punky beats with melodic, grunge guitar riffs and anthemic gang-vocals, especially in their opening track ‘We Stand Tall’ which kicks off this EP with an uplifting, explosive start.

‘Lost At Sea’ and ‘Alleyways’ take you through a story of love, emotion and longing. These peaceful and tranquil tracks highlight the beautiful vocals of and the use of strings, acoustic guitars and keys add that extra calmness, before as ballads should, dipping into a climatic bridge at the end.

‘Try As I might’ and ‘I’m Done With Desperation’ add thumpy baselines and thought inspiring lyrics, with the powerful vocals of singer/guitarist Karl Eginton delivering beautiful vocal ranges and elongated notes.

This EP is something all bands should use for inspiration on how to do something a little bit different. Each song is flawlessly written and is as strong and sturdy as any full length album. It is clear that we will be hearing more from Broken Lungs one day in the future, and a full length album would be highly anticipated. Make sure you get this EP when it hits the shelves on June 11th.

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