When the word came out that EyeHateGod was available for interviews, ThisIsNotAScene writer, Christine, moved heaven and earth, well maybe not heaven and earth but she did shift her work schedule for the interview. They talked about the new album, touring, side projects and much more…

“Hey. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.”

Ah, no problem.

“I was wondering, since it has been about 2 years since I’ve hear you guys talking about it, how’s your latest album coming? Can we expect a release date this year?”

Well, we’re going through contracts now unfortunately.  We need to work the legal stuff out first but the record is pretty much done on our end. We just need to pop into the studio real quick. We’re usually really fast like that but it’s coming along great.  We’re stoked.  We have tons of material.  We’re going to have extra songs for all kinds of 7” and EPs; all that kind of good stuff, so we’re stoked.

“Did you guys end up deciding on a label for that too or is that part of the legalities of it?”

Yeah, just the legalities with the labels.  Just a couple that we’re looking at right now so we’re hoping to get that all worked out pretty soon before we actually leave and make an announcement with the way we’re going and what we’re going with this time. At that point it will be in the process.  We have single coming out, probably in about a couple of weeks or something like that too, so just kind of keep people satisfied a little bit.  We know we’ve been taking our time with this sample.  We’re all a bunch of dysfunctional retards.  We apologize.

(*Laughs) “It’s all good. Do you think that had you guys decided to go with complete sobriety that it would have had a different effect of your productivity level?  I know it has a lot to do with your sound and where you guys come from but I’m wondering what your view is on, I guess, going straight-edge and if you think bands in comparison actually get more stuff out than people that don’t really bother with that?”

I mean, you’ve got to understand something.  When it comes to stuff like that, it’s all personal battles in between all five of us, you know.  We’ve all been through it at different times and done things at different times.  I personally have kind of outgrown it and think it’s pretty stupid but it’s a culture that’s there and at some point you know, it’s kind of weird; I really don’t like to say this is like trying to be a drug counselor or anything but you know, a lot of us have gotten past all that shit because it’s old.  It is what it is so, we play music for music.  Not because we like to do drugs.

(*Laughs) “Yeah, that’s good to hear.”


“Do you think that your other projects, because I know that it’s not just you in Soilent Green but your other band members have other projects; do you think maybe being more focused on those things during this time period too may have taken a toll on that or is it more personal battles and dealing with labels?”

Are you talking about music side projects?


We’ve got tons of stuff, each.  We have a project which, we’re actually thinking of bringing back out.  Ross from Clearlight, Jimmy from EyeHateGod and Mike.  It was pretty much another band we had all together and that’s when I first started jamming with those guys.  We’re talking about getting that back together because we have a complete record already written and there’s been those floating out there; so we actually want to re-record that and do it correctly and all that kind of stuff.  We talk about it all the time and we’ll eventually do it.  You got to understand, the New Orleans scene is a very incestual scene if you know what I mean so everybody’s supposed to jam, hang out and have fun; so there are tons of little projects here and there going on.

“Would you say the sound for that band you want to get back together is in the same vain as EyeHateGod, kind of sludgy?  What kind of band would that be?”

It’s EyeHateGod influenced, since its most of the members from but we do a bit more of a Clutch kind of groove.  I guess that’s the best way I can put it.  A bit more up tempo and Ross has a big influence on it. Its good stuff so we’ll see what happens.  At this point it’s more of a personal battle when it comes to that.  We talked about it forever.  Finally determined to just get in it and say you know, let’s just do it.  I don’t care what happens with it.

“Yeah, cool. I look forward to that.”

Yeah cool, well fuck yeah! I’m looking forward to it too to be honest with you.

“It’ll happen.”

“The only time I ever got to see you guys live was at Europa in Brooklyn last year in December, where you played with Hull and Doomriders.  I was pretty stoked because it actually ended up being on my birthday so it was probably like the best birthday gift ever, since you guys never seem to play Canada, but….”

Yeah, right on. Yeah man, I appreciate hearing that but yeah.  Canada for us, unfortunately, is the worst border in the entire world.


It totally is!  Yeah, going back and forth from Canada; I’m able to do it but there are a couple of guys in EyeHateGod that aren’t able to do it.  Plus we spend a lot of money to get in there.  I’ve had people at the border refuse people just because they were like “Meh, never mind.  You can’t go.” So for us, Canada is one of those places that we’ve pretty much never been, unfortunately, (*laughs) and we’d love to come.  The shows I’ve played a full Canada tour with Soilent Green, with Black Dahlia I think it was, from coast to coast and it was amazing for me. Canada has just got some great shows up there.  I particularly like French Canada.  Montreal is great.  I know there’s kind of a conflict between French Canada I’m thinking and the other side but…

“I’m from Quebec so I know what you’re talking about.”

Yeah… I won’t elaborate.

“Alright.” (*Laughs) “I remember in that show too, I’m not sure whether it was the first time you guys played it live but you played “Medicine Noose.” A track that’s supposed to be on the new record so I was wondering whether a lot of the new stuff you have already recorded is in the same vein or have you gone in different directions with your sound too?”

We’ve tried to go in a lot of different directions with these songs and there’s going to be some really slow, slow, slow ones and some really, you know more up-tempo kind of stuff.  We have one solid punk rock song and some really fast stuff from beginning to end, which we haven’t done much.  So yeah, we’re taking it in different directions you know.  I mean, that’s the whole point of playing music for us.  I think all these songs are pretty unique in themselves so yeah, we’re stoked on them.  We were thinking about doing a double record at one point because we had so much stuff but we’re going to just kind of go into the studio and trim and see what we do.  It’s going to be a different direction but the same direction.  We’re EyeHateGod.  We’re pretty much a basic band.  We never have changed.

“Will you be incorporating and type of electronic elements to it because I’ve notice kind of a surge of that in different genres as far as metal and hardcore so I was wondering if you guys were influenced by that at all lately?”

Well actually, you know what…There was a band…What was it?  Jim knows who it is but it’s a band that is a huge electronic band and he started playing it for me and we came up with this idea to do this drop tune thing.  They do the beowoooww kind of thing with our tuning keys and trying to see if we can pull that off.  Beyond that, we’re the least electronic band at all. We might take some of the noise stuff like that.  I know me personally and Joey and Mike have been influenced a lot by the experimental noise scene so as far as electronic, we might go there but the last thing we’re going to do in have a synthesizer in the studio.

(*Laughs) “Yes, makes sense.”

“I remember at your show too, there was a lot of crazy stuff as far as the crowd goes.  I remember one girl had a seizure and my friend got knocked out cold in the mosh pit.  Has there been anything really intense from fan experiences that you’ve seen?”

Wow, where to begin?  Yes, there’s been quite a few.  People do crazy things.  I’ve seen… yeah… yeah… some things.

“Well just leave it at that then?” (*laughs)

I don’t know what it is but for some reason our fans are pretty much out of their minds.  We enjoy it.  We love it, you know.  If I’ve seen somebody cutting themselves which I’ve seen a lot; when I see some pin-up girl doing ‘things’ on stage, it’s just fun you know.  If they’re getting off on our stuff and what we’re doing, we enjoy it 100%.

“Yeah, I think every band needs to have a few of those.”

Yeah, we’ve seen it ourselves.

“I was looking back and I find I’ve noticed that in ‘Jack Ass In The Will Of God’ and ‘Southern Discomfort’, you kind of have a similar riff in it.  I think it might be the exact same, so I was wondering…”

Yeah it’s the total same riff. There was a time that we kind of liked to dissect our own songs and pick out riffs that we like from each song and reconstruct to new songs.   I think that’s what that was all about.  We’ve changed a few of them and there have been a couple of releases of us collaborating parts of other songs.  We just like to play around and we still do.  We have one song called “Trilogy” that we play three different songs together but just the parts we like.

Yeah, that one riff really does it for me.  “Southern Discomfort” is one of my favorite tracks so yeah.  I was just wondering if they were written at the same time, but that’s cool you like to play around with it.”

Yeah, I mean, we bring out parts you know as opposed to actual songs in times.  For us, it’s the part that sings; no necessarily the entire song and some parts don’t really go off that well live.  We went through phases where we deconstruct our sets here and there and some stuff doesn’t really go off well live.  You see the reactions.  Like “Kill Your Boss” for instance, we cut the beginning off it because we don’t like the beginning of it, so we play the end. (*laughs) We enjoy that part.

“As far as your album art work goes too, I was wondering whether that was all just conceptualized by the band or whether you guys end up doing them yourselves because they all tend to have a similar style.”

Well, it’s been a collaborative effort obviously throughout a lot of it but Joey and Mike do a lot of the cut up stuff.  On this record, we’re actually doing individual panels.  It should be interesting because we each have our own unique individual styles of artwork.  I’ve done a lot of the Soilent Green art work which was a lot different than the EyeHateGod artwork, so we’ll see.  It should be fun.


“On a less musical and more political note, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the current election campaign and how you feel about the political landscape of your country?”

Well, I mean (*laughs), the last thing I am is an anarchist.  I fucking hate all that shit so I don’t fucking pay attention.  I was made to vote for my first time last year and all I did was check.  At that point I’m fucking shit up so I don’t even care.

“Yeah, I guess if we’re meant to survive we will right?”

Yeah, I mean, the world sucks.  We’re all going to fucking die so, fucking fuck it.  The last thing I need to do is worry about who’s going to be president and who’s going to do this and that.  Unless they’re knocking down my door with a machine gun, then I ain’t got nothing to worry about.  I’m just being honest.  I’ve made my money; as long as I can pay my rent so, fucking fuck it.

“Do you have anything else you want to add?”

You’ve already got that we have the single coming out so keep an eye out for it.  It’s going to be on A389 Records, that’s out of Maryland.  New record coming soon and we look forward to playing in Canada.


Spread the word because once this record comes out, we’re coming no matter what it takes.

“Awesome.  If you need any help getting into Canada, I’ll do all I can because I want you guys here too.”

Cool, well you have my number so any promoters in your area; tell them to get in touch with us you know and we’re willing to come out there.  That’s no lie.

“Sounds good.  Thanks for talking with me.”

No problem.  Thanks for talking with me.  You have a good day.

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