Breed 77 – Jägermeister Stage – Friday 16:45 – 17:05

Europe not showing up for their slot on the Zippo Encore Stage did us a a favour. It made sure we were there; in the quagmire that was the Jägermeister Stage, for TINAS’ favorite Gibraltan rockers Breed 77.

Usually a five piece, Breed 77 today, were playing with an understrength squad. Six stringer Danny Felice absent due to Sciatica problems, so in his absence it was down to bassist Stuart Cavilla and flamenco driven guitarist Pedro Caparros to put in strong performances. They did not disappoint.

Considering Breed 77 were up against the elements, running at 20% less of a band, and fighting huge wind swirls carrying music from Billy Talent over from The Jim Marshall Stage, they delivered a gutsy little performance.

Frontman Paul Isola’s distinctive vocals cut through the mix, and the wallowing mud dwellers in front of him dutifully respond to his commands. Caparros was not as exposed as would have perhaps been expected, with his solos structured, short and to the point, covering for Felice’s absence. Cavilla, grinning as ever plundered around in the low end and eagerly assisted Isola in crowd conducting and took responsibility as “hand clapping co-ordinator”.

A short and somewhat predicatbly safe set, delivered with raw passion. “The River”, and their cover of The Cranberries “Zombie” making sure that even the non believers and the Breed 77 curious raised their voices to the sky. Consumate professionals, these boys dished up a solid and fighting set… despite the backlash from the elements.

Photograph by Mark Latham Photography