Bonded By Blood - The AftermathBonded By Blood are set to unleash their third album, entitled “The Aftermath,” in July this year. “The Aftermath” sports a rocking new line up of Mauro Gonzalez on vocals and Jessie Sanchez on bass. Bonded By Blood haven’t lost any of their intensity or power. As a matter of fact, it’s another step forward for this quartet from Pomona, California. “The Aftermath” comes out on July 2nd in Europe and July 3rd in the USA, via the most kick ass record company on the planet, Earache Records. The alchemist behind what is destined to occupy a spot in the top 3 albums of 2012 is Logan Mader of Machine Head / Soulfly fame.

The album opens strongly with track ‘I Can’t Hear You’. This is thrash metal at its finest. Following in the footsteps of Death Angel, Exodus, Testament, and Anthrax, “The Aftermath” is another album you have to have in your arsenal and is destined to become a classic thrash metal album.

The song ‘Shepherds of Rot’ prove Bonded By Blood are a force to be reckoned with. Juan Juarez on guitar is smoking hot. His playing is flawless. The runs are clean. The pace is frenetic. After a blistering guitar solo, the break down at 3:50 is a sheer heavenly orgasm. ‘Shepherds of Rot’ highlights solid drumming by Carlos Regalado and Jessie Sanchez performing some righteous bass riffage. At 4:21 the circle pit that erupted in your living room slows to a menacing crawl ready to erupt again at the slightest provocation. ‘Shepherds of Rot’ is a pristine composition.

The title track ‘The Aftermath’ sports a bass intro / solo that drips with evil wickedness. It has this head banging groove that segues into spitfire drumming and staccato vocals. Mauro Gonzalez is an amazing fit for Bonded By Blood. He kicks them up a notch. They have left 11 in the rear view mirror. From 2:55 to 3:08 in ‘The Aftermath’ sports another passage of this, oh so tight, rhythm section whose prowess leaves the listener flabbergasted.

F*!K Really? Just really?! ‘Crawling In The Shadows’ Face. Palm. Jaw. Floor. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. I’m sorry. I’m now speechless. Just go buy the album in July and listen for yourself. Gobsmacking.

Track after track is a scorcher. The disk just gets better and better song after song. First listen, fifth listen, fiftieth listen. “The Aftermath” is just a phenomenal album. ‘Repulsive’ has shades of early Anthrax with some bitchin’ vocals, heavy lyrics, and hard driving guitars. ‘Among The Vultures’ has a wicked groove with Carlos killing it on drums before it careens into a speed fest. The break downs in this song are unbelievably choice. ‘Show No Fear’ has a small bass interlude at 3:56. I love the bass lines on this album. The first single is entitled ‘Restless Mind’, interlaced crazy fast guitars with passages of nothing but drums, bass, and vocals. Juan‘s guitar playing on ‘Left Behind’ is prodigious. I’m running out of adjectives here! Tenth song into “The Aftermath” and I’m still super stoked to listen to the album.

Everything about “The Aftermath” works. It’s the best of the best of thrash metal. The intensity is unrelenting while being technically superb. “The Aftermath” boasts intelligent lyrics that you can understand, relate to, and get behind. Bring on July 3rd so the world at large can join my Bonded By Blood, “The Aftermath” love fest. All are welcome.

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