Blood Of The Spectre - Blood Of The Spectre EPBasingstoke’s Blood Of The Spectre have been together since meeting in school in late 2009, but it is only now that they are unleashing their debut effort. During the course of this seven track self-titled EP the band tip their hat towards a few different influences. There is strong hint of classic 80’s / 90’s metal alongside a more modern approach.

‘Darkened Majesty’ is the first full track on this self titled debut release after a brief intro, and this is the first chance we have to hear vocalist Nick Brooks guttural efforts.  ‘Lexical Gap’ shows the band at full ferocity before the acoustic instrumental ‘Interlude’ adds a little balance to the record.  The calm only lasts just over a minute or so though before ‘Dystopia’ returns to the well crafted chaos of previous tracks. Closing track ‘End Era’ is a slight change of pace, with some clean vocals and an overall slower and less frantic approach than other songs.

The combination of varying styles works well and this eponymous effort manages to please on different levels, by combining the more technical, precise sections with some bludgeoning riffs from Richard Jacobs and Dominic Pool and blastbeats courtesy of Laurence Ash. The band have a sound that fits well in to the current metal scene, but have that extra venom that is missing from a lot of bands.

Blood Of The Spectre should appeal to a lot of people, mixing a few different styles without really stretching any boundaries. Definite potential, and worth looking out for on tour.

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