Blood Command - Funeral BeachSelf-confessed fans of Refused and At The Drive-In, Norway’s Blood Command have already garnered a decent underground following off the back of their early EPs and 2010’s “Ghostclocks” which was a fiery blast of alt-punk noise, but latest release “Funeral Beach” sees them really nail their own sound convincingly.

Opener ‘Pissed Off And Slightly Offended’ is brash and one-dimensional and although it’s a fine call to arms, it is perhaps one of the least appealing tracks on the album. ‘March Of The Swan Elite’ crashes by similarly furiously but still feels like nothing special.

All of a sudden ‘Cult Of The New Beat’ and then ‘Death To All But Us’ raise the bar to a whole new level and show what Blood Command can really do in full flow. Hammering beats, jarring guitars and soaring melodies blend effortlessly amidst the colourful chaos. ‘Wolves At The Door’ lurches and howls with the sort of schizophrenic glee of J-Rock stalwarts Maximum The The Hormone and ‘High Five For Life’ is so toxically catchy and uplifting that you may just have to pogo on your own sofa when you play it.

The album continues with ‘choon’ after ‘choon’ and damn it if I wasn’t hollering along to ‘True North’ and ‘Corpse Reviver’ like a big teenager in a sideways baseball cap as I cranked it louder and hit repeat.

As much as I am a fan of serious music packed with power, aggression, melancholy and complexity (much of which we find here), I do like a bit of mindless moshing to Limp Bizkit, Hatebreed and Skindred once in a while. Whilst Blood Command have little in common with that trio of rock club dancefloor fillers in terms of style, they have the same unbridled energy and confident swagger that places a big fat grin on your face and makes you want to break stuff ( (c) Fred Durst).

Uncompromising, snotty and refreshingly raw – this is unpolished but exuberant and will hopefully propel them into bigger venues and open them to a wider audience.

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