Bleeding Through - The Great FireBleeding Through are one of the last bands to survive the metalcore boom, they did this by diversifying their sound and breaking away from the pack. Multiple line ups and label changes later and the band is still going strong through hard work and a will to survive.

Now on their seventh album “The Great Fire,” the band has chosen to take everything they have done up until now and amp it all up to its highest point. Everything is faster, darker and angrier than ever before. However, in doing that the band has cut back some of the more melodic parts that were found on “The Truth” and “Declaration”. There are moments of melody that occasionally break through the darkness but they are few and far between and serve more as punctuation than a vehicle to drive the song.

It seems that with each release the band puts out that there is a shift in direction,some of their albums are more melodic than others, some heavier but each one is distinctly Bleeding Through.

The black metal influence is more prevalent on “The Great Fire” to the point where you could actually be listening to Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir at times, however there are moments where the keyboards are a bit over saturated and serve as more of a distraction than anything else, whilst it is nice to hear Marta get more to do, it does seem like the band is overdoing it on some of the tracks.

Overall though “The Great Fire” is a more focused and streamlined affair from Bleeding Through than some of the bands more recent output, like a shot of venom straight to the heart this album grips you and never let’s go until you are a limp puddle on the floor.

Depending on which type of Bleeding Through fan you are will determine what you ultimately get out of “The Great Fire” if your looking for more hook laden songs a la “The Truth”then there isn’t much here for you, but if you want an album more akin to “This Is Love, This Is Murderous” then this is the album for you.