Bleak Falls - Another Rainy DayThe UK post-hardcore scene is currently bursting at the seams, with big names like Architects shifting a sizeable amount of units and spawning a legion of sound-a-likes who all wear each others’ shirts and get touted by the likes of Front Magazine as the best thing to happen to music since last week. However, it would be unfair to write off Sussex five piece Bleak Falls on association alone, and downright moronic after hearing their stellar new EP “Another Rainy Day.”

Combining the punk-as-fuck aggression of Cancer Bats with the measured nuance and groove of Deftones, Bleak Falls make a compelling racket that goes for the heart rather than the brain. The punk riffage of ‘Morning Light’ is akin to being menaced by an unwashed hobo on your way to work while ‘Chapter Eighteen’ and ‘Rollin’ on 60’s’ nod to US tough guys Terror and were clearly written with circle pits in mind.

Vocalist Ridgewell eschews melodic choruses, instead opting to remain sounding dangerous and pissed off throughout, undoubtedly a wise move. Things take a more melancholic slant on the introspective and melodic ‘Dear Brother’ before final track ‘Pass a Promise’ cranks up the aggression once more with its infectious chugs acting as a call to arms in the way that all good hardcore should.

Considering they’ve only been around for a year or so, Bleak Falls deserve to stand out from the sea of dross surrounding them, and “Another Rainy Day” should put them in good stead for the future. Not bad guys.

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