Black Veil Brides – Jim Marshall Stage (Main Stage) – Saturday 13:10 – 13:50

Black Veil Brides. A name that strikes fear into the hearts of many, usually for all the wrong reasons. The band truly are the Marmite of the modern rock world, you either love them or utterly despise them, there is no middle ground it would seem.

They take to the main stage on Saturday sandwiched in between Saxon and Trivium, this is probably not a great place for them to be in all honesty, and the band knows it, dressed like Mad Max after raiding Eric Draven‘s wardrobe the band seems prepared somewhat unnecessarily for a war that isn’t coming.

Admittedly, the band doesn’t get the greatest of receptions, but that was always to be expected, and from where I was stood a lot of the hostility seemed to be fabricated, I didn’t see a single bottle flung towards the stage despite Andy Biersack insisting they were being bottled. Speaking of which, the young front man seemed to be in a particularly antagonistic mood this afternoon, as he took to the mic several times to call out the haters as it were, but again I can’t help feeling he was making an issue when there wasn’t one, I’ve seen bands in worse situations complain less.

On the rare occasion when he stopped bitching enough for the band to play a track, they sounded passable at best, annoying at worst, although not entirely that different from how they do on record, a little too polished for my liking but still OK nonetheless. The situation, the performance included, would have been made much better if Andy have bothered to get his head down and play for the audience that had to come out to see his band instead of chastising those who did not.

The problem I have with Black Veil Brides was readily apparent with today’s performance. For a band that wants to be seen as dangerous rebels fighting against the system and the haters, they just come across as a bunch of whiny brats, throwing their toys out their pram, whilst playing it entirely safe, and it is in that moment they proceed to piss on the legacies left for them by bigger more courageous acts who did it with much more conviction.

Black Veil Brides Download 2012 setlist:

New Religion
Youth and Whiskey
Rebel Yell
Love Isn’t Always Fair
God Bless You
The Legacy
Rebel Love Song
Fallen Angels

Photograph by Andrew Whitton Photography