Black Shape Of Nexus - Negative BlackBlack Shape Of Nexus are hard bloody work. Their latest opus “Negative Black”  is well over an hour long (one hour twenty if we’re being pedantic) and every second of the running time makes itself known. It’s punishing in its outright heaviness and there is nowhere to hide from the absolute destruction laid down on their third full length. Opening track “Illinois” is a densely layered, screeching assault on the ears, Black Shape of Nexus taking no prisoners when it comes to eerie sounds and harsh industrial tones. This German group deal in droning doom-like structures with a thick sludge aesthetic thrown in for good measure. Vocals are almost incoherent; howled and shrieked and dirty, “400H” a mass of throbbing bass lines and foul temperamental deposits of noise. A huge groove filters throughout the track kicking up an impulsive and hypnotic sway.

This bizarre almost-melody snakes throughout “Negative Black” with a frenetic zeal; “60 WV” pulses with a filthy beat and mountains of low-end rumbling, pushing the screams of Malte Seidel (this his first appearance on a B.SON record) into a terror driven rage. It is massive in tone and his roars consume with horror and wrath. UGH.

“10000 μF” is plain gargantuan. Running at an immense twenty minutes the thunder produced is enough to wake the gods themselves. Hugely savage but never losing the sense of forward motion this track writhes with venomous intent and a sense of danger twists its way through “Negative Black” as a whole. Pounding and brutal even the sporadic calm moments, this record is heavy without being abrasive. It’s in the weight of each individual element; the crashing cymbals, the chunky guitar riffs and the feedback squalls that emanate from the guitars.

Title track “Negative Black” ends our time with B.SON with another behemoth of a track. Distortion and blurs of deep notes strike in the pit of the stomach, almost like a punch to the gut – it’s so damn vast. Slow burning and churning with sickening hammers on the strings of guitars, “Negative Black” closes with a furious crescendo of all out noise. Droning and repetitive sounds echo through the electronic abyss and Black Shape Of Nexus build to a truly terrifying climax that’s frighteningly alien in its execution.

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