Black Sabbath - Iron ManOne look at the title will tell you if you need this album. If based on music alone this album would get full marks and that would be that, but most Black Sabbath junkies will have all of the songs on here already. The only advantage for those people buying this album would be to have all of these songs on one disc, but they’ll likely already have one of the multitude of compilations out there.

But this album isn’t meant for those people. This is an album meant for a new generation of metal fans, people who might have heard the name Black Sabbath during the recent press that the band received due to their reformation, or have got to the band via Ozzy Osbourne, Heaven & Hell, Zakk Wylde, Firewind or any of the many associated acts, or even just heard the song ‘Iron Man’ used in the film of the same name and got curious. For those people this is the perfect introduction to the band that most people name check as starting this whole heavy metal thing that we love so much.

Naturally, these are the most popular – and some would say obvious – songs from the band’s classic 70’s era and the majority of which appeared in the set-list during the band’s recent round of gigs. There will always be those that quibble the inclusion of that track or that this track got missed out – maybe ‘Evil Woman’ could have been replaced with ‘Electric Funeral’ or maybe they could have included something from 1976’s often overlooked “Technical Ecstasy” instead of ‘Sweet Leaf’ – but with a back-catalogue stuffed to the gills with bona fide classics, compiling a one-disc compilation of all the best moments is a bit of an impossible task. But until they can make a CD that can take all eight of that line-up’s 1970’s albums then this will have to do, minus one mark due to the fact that this very same tracklisting came out under the banner of “Greatest Hits” three years ago.

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