So Black Cobra, to be honest I have never heard the name until a few hours ago and then the message to me was a doom duo out of the west coast. Doom, you say, say no more I am there was my response. For those like me who don’t know Black Cobra they are Rafa Martinez (ex-16, ex-Acid King) on drums and Jason Landrain (ex-Cavity) on guitars and vocals. Its quite interesting to watch a instrument swap and go from a full stage to a duo. As anticipation builds out come these rather two unassuming almost shy looking guys and my first thought is how are those two gonna bring the doom.

It took about 10 seconds to have my question answered, as they dropped full into ‘Avalanche’ it quickly became apparent that in spite of their shy outward appearances these two were and are the real deal. They delivered their punk encrusted blackened speed doom message with a zeal that most bands would be lucky to capture live. Rafa played with such ferocity and power, that he was perfectly capable of carrying the songs through the solos without really missing other instruments. Jason delivered riffs and solos as though he had a full complement of rhythm and bass players at his disposal and in the end you got so lost in the torrents of sound that you forgot that they were only a duo. Jason’s growl/scream vocal style is a perfect blend of the style that these two were hammering out.

Moving into ‘Chronosphere’ and ‘Storm Shadow’ brought wave after wave of blistering bars, chords and beats that had the crowd moving. Through the set I was really captivated by Rafa’s playing and what he was able to accomplish on the drums, it was really a creative style. Sometimes at a blinding pace, sometimes at a more even pace but through it all he kept it moving and beat the hell out of those skins. All in all a superb set from these two, it is highly recommended that if you get the chance you should catch these guys live, they give it 110% and it shows in the quality and delivery of their music.

Black Cobra’s set list:
Storm Shadow
Somnae Tenebrae
Corrosion Fields
The Crimson Blade
The Cry of Melora
Five Daggers

Black Cobra – Facebook page