BlackBone - Return To MayhemUsually I can’t be bothered with Dutch rock bands, especially when they get hyped by 3FM, Giel Beelen or De Wereld Draait door. The vast majority are just lame copycats of what The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles managed to achieve almost four decades ago. Enter Black-Bone, a rock trio with tons of dirt and attitude. Let’s take a look at their latest album, aptly titled “Back To Mayhem”.

These guys understand what rock music is all about, namely tons of attitude, raw energy and well-written edgy songs. Black-Bone isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel on “Back To Mayhem”. The album is rife with influences from AC/DC, The Who, Guns N’Roses, Monster Magnet and a touch of Motorhead. This doesn’t bother me one second, because the Black-Bone blokes deliver in style. In fact, “Back To Mayhem” gives me the same thrill when I listen to GNR’s “Appetite For Destruction”, AC/DC’s “Back In Black” and Skid Row’s “Slave To The Grind”. The latter album is somewhat of a guilty pleasure, but it’s good clean fun nonetheless.

Black-Bones’ main strength is their collective ability to write kick ass songs with memorable hooks and choruses. Tracks like “Hard Times”, “Hammer Down”, “Kings & Jezebelles” and “Turn Me On” are particularly good examples. Vocalist Steef has this Lemmy-meets-Bon Scott going on and his bluesy guitar play has Slash all written over it. The rhythm-section, consisting of Sven (bass/backing vocals) and Jules (drums) make sure that everything is tight and groovy in the low-end sector. “World Gone Crazy” and the title track are two equally memorable tracks.

The band’s catch phrase is “no bullshit rock and roll” and that’s exactly what “Back To Mayhem” is all about. Memorable songs brought with boundless energy and tons of attitude is at the heart of it all. Do yourself a favour, pour yourself a nice cold beer and turn this album up to eleven and let the world hear what essence of true rock and roll is. The blokes in Black-Bone certainly know where it’s at. Riveting stuff!

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