Biohazard - Reborn In DefianceBiohazard‘s “Reborn in Defiance” was released by Nuclear Blast on 20 January 2012. It was a shot heard around the world! I can not tell a lie, I am a long time Biohazard fan, I’ve even braved the New York subway system to see them at L’Amours in Brooklyn back when I was a wide – eyed “youngster”. It was my first time venturing so far into Gothem and all I had was sparse directions and a subway map. It was worth it to see Biohazard in their natural habitat as up until that point, I had only seen the band in Germany.

The current Biohazard line up sports Billy Graziadei, Bobby Hambel (who gives great hugs by the way), Danny Schuler, and Scott Roberts (who by the way has some pretty nifty dance moves). The band is frakking on fire, they are putting new meaning to ‘this goes to 11!’

“Reborn in Defiance” is full of great guitar riffage, heavy duty drumming, and the unique only Biohazard can do well rap/emo/thrash/metal/hip-hop sound. As Bobby Hambel says:

“We incorporated the grooves from hip hop, some soul music with metal riffs, bluesey guitar… kinda mix it all together.” 

‘Vengeance is Mine’ is strait up thrash. ‘Decay‘ is more emo/punk/metal and ‘Countdown Doom’ is more rap/hip hop, it all fits together and fits darn well.

When the album opens you just get totally pumped up! Billy Graziadei is a power house on vocals. The man can straight up rap, croon, scream, emote – what ever the song calls for he delivers. The difference between the vocal stylings on ‘Killing Me’ and ‘Countdown Doom’ is a perfect example. He further stretches his voice (and pulls at your heart strings) with ‘You Were Wrong.’ OMFG! If you don’t choke up or tear up there is something wrong with your wiring. Everything about this song is choice. Scott‘s bass playing and vocal harmonies are beautiful.

What isn’t lost is the positive message that Biohazard songs contain. From breaking out of a bad situation to fighting for what you believe in,  Biohazard‘s “Reborn in Defiance” is chock full of positive anthems. If you are new to the Biohazard scene, this album is the perfect show case for their talents. If you are an old school Biohazard fan like me, this is another great release from a band you’ve come to expect great releases from.

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