Bilocate - Summoning The BygonesAccording to the press package for this, the latest Bilocate album “Summoning The Bygones”, the metal scene in the band’s native Jordan has seen some gradual growth. Metal scenes like this in more unfamiliar locales, and in some cases hostile (for those involved) circumstances, have gained some attention in larger publications in the UK in recent years, and at the same time they seem to be strengthening. According to this press pack, the scene of Jordan is still considerably small, but having shared the stage with such titans as Katatonia, Sepultura and Amon Amarth as well as signing to Italian label Code666, Bilocate look set to make some waves on the global scene.

Describing themselves as “Dark Oriental Metal”, I found Bilocate difficult to define. In part this is melodic death metal, but also shows a leaning to what could be described as muscular sounding power metal with more ambient passages as well. Bilocate certainly show signs of cultural influence in their sound as well, but rather subtly in comparison to Melechesh for example. They are noticeable however, such as on the flute like instruments on “The Passage” and in the tone of some of the clean vocal sections.  A palette of eclectic styles on display here, with the pace in songs regularly changing from quick/mid pace before often slowing right down and so on. On some of these slower passages you get a real sense of atmosphere and beauty when you really delve into them.

Where “Summoning The Bygones” starts to fall however is in its sheer length. Most of the songs pass the 5 minute mark by some distance, and it can prove hard to focus on the album for so long. At times, with the shifts in dynamic it does feel like it is going off in tangents rather than progressing naturally. Bilocate on evidence here are at their best when they are playing at full throttle. Their cover of Paradise Lost’s “Dead Emotion” is a particular highlight and shows that these guys sound at their best when they are a more direct in their approach.

“Summoning The Bygones” can prove to be a very difficult album to really get into if you are not in the right frame of mind for it, and it would really benefit with some more, faster paced segments and fewer moments where the pace slows considerably. The durability of the album is a bit much as well. Giving this album time and attention however and it still proves to be a rewarding experience.

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