Billy Talent – Jim Marshall Stage (Main Stage) – Friday 16:50 – 17:35

Billy Talent are one of those bands I’ve always been on the fence about, they have a singer who sounds like a Chihuahua in pain and generally do absolutely nothing for me at all, but seeing them today it clicked with me how many of their songs I actually knew and could sing along to, with that in mind I did enjoy a large portion of their set even finding a brief moment to sing along with the likes of ‘Fallen Leaves,’ ‘Rusted from the Rain’ and ‘Devil in a Midnight Mass.’

The band themselves seems to be on fine form and in a jubilant mood even going as far as to  address the problems that Cancer Bats had with their set being pulled earlier in the day before then vacating the stage and allowing the Cancer Bats boys their moment to shine as they run through a devastating version of ‘Hail Destroyer,’ it’s a truly memorable and somewhat special moment in a set that has lifted a lot of spirits and really gone a long way in setting everybody up for what’s to come, Billy Talent end things somewhat predictably, but no less spectacularly with a rousing rendition of ‘Try Honesty’ that leaves smiles on faces and arms aloft, they even managed to turn my opinion of them around which says a lot.

Well done lads!

Billy Talent Download 2012 setlist:

Devil in a Midnight Mass
Turn Your Back
This Suffering
Viking Death March
Rusted From the Rain
(Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer)
Try Honesty
Devil on My Shoulder
Fallen Leaves
Red Flag

Photograph by Jessica Gilbert Photography