Beyond The Gates - The Inhumanity Of Human MindTaking their cue from early Death and Carcass, Italian death metal crew Beyond the Gates follow up their “Soul Crisis” mini-album with this full-length effort that showcases a more technical progression to their music.

But is that really a good thing? Whilst technical death metal can be a joyous thing when it’s done properly, it can also be pretty grating when it doesn’t quite hit the heights that it should. The twisting time-changes of tracks like ‘Twilight’ might be impressive on a musical level but it just doesn’t seem to gel when played through a set of headphones. Likewise the lurching ‘Collision’ is pretty painful to listen to, and not in the way that most death metal bands would like.

Although, when the band do get it right, they do it very well. The raging ‘Celebral Limits’ stands out as a highlight, it’s Deicide-esque fury slowing to an almost jazz-style bass and piano run before ending on a crescendo of brutal blasting. The deathcore of ‘Amnesia’ also stands out, mainly due to its more straightforward structure but this is a bit of a relief after all the time-changes the band fill most of their material with.

Whilst there’s no denying the band’s passion for their music and the fact that they recorded, mixed and mastered it themselves shows a level of dedication that can only be applauded. Like any album it really comes down to having good songs and although “The Inhumanity of Human Mind” certainly has some great moments, however, there aren’t eleven great songs here despite having eleven tracks listed.

Perhaps the progressive elements that the band have embraced more fully have led to them trying to cram too much in, but the overall feeling is one of doing something because you can rather than because you should.

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